Open Position Consultant Resume Headhunting Company
These are terms commonly used in the process of headhunting、useful in interview.?
accept Accepting interviews or conditions
achievement Achievement and result of performance
allowance   Subsidized allowance(such as vehicle maintenance cost )
annual salary   Annual salary(different by company)
applicant   Person who seek for job
application   Open position or its form
apply   Act of supporting employment
candidate   Candidate for open position
client   Client of Search firm and requesting company
compensation   Consideration of labor=salary and bonus
consultant   Headhunter or Researcher
contract   Contract of employment ,annual salary or other contract
cover letter   Form attache to resume as letter of self introduction
cv Curriculum Vitae   Curriculum Vitae ,resume
database[DB]   Achievement evaluation to negotiate annual salary
degree   Excellent talent(usually chief executive)
evaluation   Achievement evaluation for annual salary
executive search   Excellent talent (usually chief executive class)headhunting
guarantee   Guaranteeing candidate or company
headhunter   Personnel consultant who connect company and candidate
industry   Industry divisions of service or manufacture
interview   Pre interview before main interview
junior level   Means a person usually less than three years of experience.
multimedia meeting   Video conference on internet
negotiation[NEGO]   Means mainly negotiation of annual salary
notice   Notice or result of interview
offer   Suggestion given to applicant concerning interview
order   Company requesting employment to search firm
oriented   Professional for ~division
output   Annual turnover of company which determine annual income
out-sourcing   Entrust certain division to professional in that division
performance   Used same as achievement , result or turnover
position   Place of work position
presentation   Personal and corporate public relations, briefings, which belongs to the interview
process   Course for employment and interview
promotion   Promotion or reward related to promotion
reference   Referral or contact
researcher   Scout who is looking for target
resume   Resume
search firm   Personnel consulting company(headhunting)
scout   Excavate the people to ensure that lead to the adoption
updated   changes to suit the current situation(RESUME)