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Q. How does Search Firm support Candidate Company at the stage of Reference check and salary negotiation to help companies or customers?
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1) In case of the reference check for employing directors and managers from outside must to be done carefully. The type of executives and managers of company employ reveal and imply present values and future vision of the company. We should not just focus on fancy background and career of executive or management positions but rather analysis their achievements and accomplishments to discern whether candidate is necessary person for your company. In order to do so we need to clarify qualification and purpose of employing managers and executives. It is occasionally happens that company is not accurate about motivation and purpose of receiving executive from out side. In those cases usually they are not accurate about necessary qualifications for employing managers. The purpose of employing executive and manager is obtaining talents who can present plan which embody vision and hope of the company.

  Career, education, and achievement or performance can be found on paper, however underlying strength and passion of the candidates can not be found in two to three interviews. Company must prepare prudent recruitment plans and schemes when recruiting managers and executive from out side of company. You can confirm whether person has passion and strength through several interviews and evaluations by expert consultant, to some extent.

The purpose of reference check is to ensure ones achievement and performance but much more important it is to see whether there is leadership, passion and guts or underlying strength. We observe and check these parts in confidential scrupulously. Executives and managers must encourage team members to provide results at the same time they need to form psychological identity to create empathy to achieve goal. We need to look at the 'latent energy' 'passion' leadership 'more than ' spec’. We should try to look at the invisible part of candidate to discern their competence and value to see if they are able to present an accurate vision before recommend them to company. When company, candidate and consultant involved and have more responsibility and backed up with adequate analysis and verification, we can expect success of welcoming executive from outside.

2) At the stage of negotiating salary excellent personnel will try to freeze the salary as possible. The candidate would hope to raise more. First of all we   present contribution of the candidate according to the evaluation last year at work specifically in written form .It must recognized and must be helpful to the personnel management decisions .

We also must refer to the price rate. This is also known by the personnel however, it must be described in detail. As a last part of the negotiation we present an average of leading networking organizations in the same industry division. Generally speaking salary negotiations is decided by last year's operating results and the current company financial position, results of work of workers (or the manager's subjective performance evaluation review will be institutionalized),and status / position of workers within the company .It is easily  considered the higher is better but it is not necessarily so and “proper is better”. The salary fit and balanced with career of candidate to keep fairness with other workers makes good for long-term salary. Salary settled more than it supposed to be tends to come back with poison always. Receiving salary higher than the average career of a person or irrationally high compared to other colleagues in society can be satisfied for a moment but will be in chaos once if company fall into difficulties because he will be a great  burden for the company.. It can also create discomfort with other colleagues and increase the likelihood of mistakes in life . Unfortunately high salary is not that good as always. We present companies through adoption of such procedures.